Apply to be a BRYTE Tutor

BRYTE is a highly selective student organization at Brown and we seek students who will be committed and passionate volunteers. The application process entails filling out a written application and undertaking an interview with one of the BRYTE coordinators.

Tutor Expectations:
  • Minimum 2 semester commitment
  • 3 hours of in-home tutoring each week
  • Weekly Progress Reports
  • Coordinator Check-Ins
  • Attendance of 2 trainings per semester
  • Attendance of 1 community event per semester
Interested in joining our team of tutors? BRYTE recruits new tutors at the beginning of each semester. Email [email protected] to apply!

Apply for the BRYTE Initiative.

BRYTE Initiative, implemented in Spring 2018 and formerly known as BRYTE Leaders, offers tutors a unique opportunity to become more involved in BRYTE outside of the traditional tutoring role. As a member of BRYTE Initiative, tutors can take on greater responsibility in different aspects of BRYTE that they find most engaging. Tutors within the Initiative will also gain a new perspective on BRYTE through their participation in the program.

To learn more about the roles for each initiative, you can access descriptions of each on this document.

Contact us

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Write to us here on Email at [email protected]